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Why GetCoaching?

Get the most out of your sport, whether you are starting to learn or already performing at a high level! Search for, communicate with, and book a training session with a qualified coach or instructor who is best suited for your individual needs.

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    Coaching Competence

    Thorough vetting of professional competence through education, certification, experience, background screening, and the appropriate technical and ethical training

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    Large network of experienced coaches across popular sports, with transparent pricing, scheduling, and philosophies for review and comparison

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    Search and booking capabilities in minutes, with a matching engine best suited to both coaches and athletes

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    Our Vision

    To help children, youths, and young adults develop to their highest athletic potential…


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    How It Works

    Search for a coach by your sport and location. Book a session. Start Training and chart your pathway to self-fulfilment...


"Training at LPS has been life-changing, it is training like I've never seen before. My first experience with Clance was unlike no other. Since day 1, he has pushed me, making sure I am always doing the best that I can. He is an inspirational coach, and having been with him for 5 years now, I can honestly say he has become like a second father to me. Sure, it is hard work but hard work becomes easy work when you have been doing it for a while, it becomes second nature. Clance has played a huge role in making me the hockey player I am today. And I love the competitive environment at LPS, everyone is super motivated, but we all have a common goal to be the best athlete we can be."
- Mark Friedman | NHL Draft: 2014 Philadelphia Flyers, 3rd rd, 26th pk (86th overall), Bowling Green Falcons Junior Defenseman